Lost But Not Forgotten
What's New at Lost But Not Forgotten? (BLOG updated 7 Feb 2014 next
April 2014)
Recently we have had the opportunity to do the following:

Establish LBNF Nigeria, begin follow-up trip to Mt. Bagazam, Niger, and provide
relief to the believers in Agadez area.
Conduct a mission trip to Burkina Faso villages resulting in over 500 souls saved.
Conduct mission trip to Air Mountains where about 750 Air Tamajeq received Jesus.
Conduct mission trip to N. Cameroon, in three strategic areas leading to about 1,000
new believers.
Reach many Tamasheq in Arlit and villages near Agadez.
Purchase food for starving villagers near Agadez.
Reach Buduma and Kanembou tribes in Chad
Purchase 4x4 vehicle for evangelism in the Sahara desert.
Witness several miracles leading to many believers.
Led about 1,000 people to the Lord in Niger.
Plant four churches among muslim villages in N. Togo.
Conduct two crusades among muslims in N. Nigeria.
Visit two major unreached tribes in West Africa.
Travel to Cameroon and plant the first publicly accepted Christian church among
the Kanuri. Sow seeds of the Word in three other villages.
This organization is committed to reaching out to people in the 10/40 window, particularly
in Africa, who are highly ranked on the Joshua Project list (see link).
A Little About What We Do
We recognize that what we do best is to reach out to small villages with the good news of the
Savior and to provide some temporary humanitarian aid in hard to reach areas. Although,
little is deemed beyond the scope of the ministry if the Lord leads us, the efforts are focused
on evangelism and church planting. Building churches, schools and medical clinics, and
provide food are things we hope to do where possible.
"For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost."
(Luke 19:10)
It is children like this one (above), our LBNF
poster-girl, who keep us coming back and  
pressing forward to take the gospel of Jesus to
the unreached people of the Northern Corridor
of West Africa. Why should these children
suffer unnecessarily?
Why are some of the faces blacked out, and
aliases used on this website?

Unfortunately in this day and age, there is
more opposition to the gospel of Jesus then at
any other time in our existence. If you doubt
this then I suggest you read
Voice of the
Martyrs (VOM). As ministers of the gospel in
volatile, restricted, and dangerous areas we
make security a priority, especially with our
local partners. Ministering to muslims is
illegal in some of the areas we venture into,
yet we choose to obey God rather than man,
and so do our partners. So it may look weird,
you may think it is unnecessary, but our
experience and that of colleagues suggests
otherwise. Thank you for your understanding.
Second completed church building in Zigage, Northern
Cameroon.This building was destroyed by the elements.
With your help we were able to rebuild it by His grace.
Historic Mosque in Agadez, Niger
D and his kids he led to Jesus in Arlit
Because they all are not yet free!
What's Next
Next trip is in March to Burkina
Faso, and LBNF Nigeria
will be
going to villages on Mt. Bagzam in
Niger. The Holy Spirit
is revealing
the details of where we will be going
as we speak. The next five year plan,
encompasses developing a ministry
among the seven countries of the
central province of West Africa,
planting seed among unreached,
deprived villages in this area.  
The missions continue for LBNF and the challenges are being overcome. LBNF
Nigeria will be ministering among the muslim villages of Mt. Bagzam at the end of
March. LBNF USA will be ministering in tandem with them after a mission to the
Northern part of the Ivory Coast near Burkina Faso. Both areas are totally
unreached to the gospel of Jesus and are promising areas for evangelism. Some
limited humanitarian aid is also planned including food, corrective lenses and
whatever else we are able to provide for those in need. As always we will lay hands
on the sick, preach the gospel and show the Jesus film. We have the added benefit
of distributing Proclaimers to those who show a hunger for the Word of God. Read
more about them at
Faith Comes by Hearing.
Life is harsh on Mt. Bagzam
The notable contrasts of Sindou